1.Begging the Question

Ex: The earth is not round because i had a vision of it in a dream, so the earth must not be round.

2. Ad Hominem

Ex: Mike is a very well known Dentist, So why is he over their chatting with Doctors and Nurses.

3. Equivocation

Ex: Brad is tall, but he is only tall next to George. So Brad isn’t tall.

4. Slippery Slope

Ex: Waking up at an earlier time every day will adjust your body’s waking schedule, which will accustom you to waking up at a specific time, which will ¬†allow you to do more activities in the morning and you will get more things done throughout your day.

5.Straw Man


Kid: Hello, i’d like to buy a cheap toy because i only have five dollars.

Store Clerk. Ok, here’s this special toy that comes apart. Remember there are no refunds.

6. Tu Quoque

Ex: You told me not to walk into that store, but i saw you shopping their the other day.

7. Non-Sequitur

Ex: You must of been up to no good, because if you weren’t in your room or at home. You must be up to no good.

8. False Dichotony

Ex: Where does the Square fit in? With the Circle or the Triangle.

9. Argument from ignorance

Ex: I have never felt the earth moving, so it must be still the whole time.

10. Red Herring

Ex: The Instructor taught us how to multiply & Divide on the day you missed, but you should focus on your adding problems.

11. Reversing Causation

Ex: Athletes wear expensive shoes to make them faster, so i will buy expensive shoes so that i can go faster.

12. Sharp Shooters

Ex: She says her son solved his first math problem when he was 2 years old so she says he must be a born genius.






Valid/Invalid Arguments

  1. If Shoe boxes are round, then Shoes are round. Shoes are round. So Shoe boxes are round.
  2. If a Car runs, then it must have gas in the tank. the Car has gas in the tank. so the Car must run.
  3. If a Song is music, Then a Song has a sound. The Song has a sound, So a Song is music.
  4. Humans Breathe so their alive. Cars Breathe. So Cars are alive.